We perform Functional Testing to determine how your hardware and software, your website and internal applications complete their expected functions. Functional Testing is importance in ensuring quality of software being released. The testing process involves testing user commands, user screens, searches, data manipulation, business processes and integrations. We can verify an application’s or a website’s expected functional performance and how it conforms to specifications by validating it with Functional Testing.

How We Do It

Requirements analysis

We want to establish the most productive testing environment and a successful start to your project, so the functional testing team at Acolade works directly with you to understand structure, goals and deliverables for your project.

Manual and automated test execution

The active testing phase starts once project requirements have been transformed into test cases. To better detect defects, Acolade often implements the practice of integrating automated testing.

Exploratory testing

Using exploratory testing is an optimal method of gaining greater coverage of your application’s functional behavior. At Acolade, we perform exploratory testing as an intellectually rich, non-script-based, investigation running side by side with pre-defined, script-based testing activities.

Regression testing

Regression testing is an indispensable aspect of functional testing as it ensures that software application fixes do not negatively affect the application’s key functional areas.

End to End Test Management

From Test Strategy to Test Plan creation followed by — unit testing to system integration — we successfully ensure comprehensive quality control in each phase of your product’s development and implementation.

Module / component level testing

At Acolade we adhere tightly to software industry best practices and standards to create optimal software solutions that have sustainable architecture, superior performance and excellent maintainability of each component or module.

Integration testing

System modules and components must work together reliably and efficiently to bring down total integration and implementation costs, also ultimately lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.

Systems testing

Acolade’s professional staff has mature analytical knowledge and broad testing experience. They safeguard system compliance with functional and business requirements, defined technology and hypothetically-developed scenarios.

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