Agile development has now become mainstream and a preferred application development methodology adopted by customers to achieve faster speed to value. But, it’s critical to ensure that the rapid development is coupled with rapid and frequent deployments to achieve early business value realization without compromising the quality and stability of the systems.

Why DevOps?

In the traditional scenario, development team intends to develop changes faster, while operations want stability and are resistant to frequent changes. DevOps emphasizes going beyond the performance in a silo to a holistic view of the entire system. With its focus on the entire value stream, DevOps enables complete IT agility to deliver business value faster to the customer.

DevOps has helped organizations move successfully from agile development to seamless agile delivery by focusing on zero-touch end-to-end automation of the value stream. It shortens and amplifies the feedback loop enabling quick corrections and adjustments to drive continuous improvement. DevOps creates a one-team culture by enhancing collaboration between IT and business teams through shared business goals that are visible to all stakeholders. With the right partner, you can accelerate DevOps adoption in your organization by bringing synergy between the different teams and standardizing the process, metrics and the technology stack to maximize the business value of each initiative. DevOps enables

  • System thinking to focus on the entire value stream
  • Amplified and quick feedback to fix inefficiencies upstream
  • Continuous and incremental improvement

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