Application performance is a critical factor when it comes to overall success of a project. If the functionality performs as per requirement and the performance is below par then the potential usage of the application is compromised, thereby loosing interest and potential business.

Many factors would need to be considered when the performance of an application is to be determined. Based on the nature of the application eg., a large user base web site or an internal accounts payable application with numerous hourly transactions. Following are some of the success factors that would need to be considered when performance is being measured.

  • Analyse peak usage hours i.e. a large number of users concurrently using the application at a particular point in time. This would need to be captured on past experience and the scenario would need to be simulated and performance bench marked.
  • Response times of retrieving data from the database. Based on the response code / queries would need to be performance tuned and tested.
  • Application scalability when the user community increases eg., when the organization merges with another. The scaling also includes ensuring heavier transaction workloads and increased network traffic and server configuration.

Acolade can assists organizations to address these critical issues earlier in the testing regime and thereby reduce cost and lost opportunity. Acolade performance test consultants can help you assess if the client application is robust enough to handle large volume transactions in the current and future state and forecasting issues much earlier. This will mitigate the risk of customer trust, sales and productivity.

Critical focus areas

  • Architectural evaluation for performance consideration.
  • Performance evaluation and tuning services prior to Go Live.
  • Production monitoring services.
  • Performance consulting services.
  • Volume Test.
  • Performance Benchmarking.
  • Scalability Testing.

Applications we can test

  • Web applications
  • ERP Implementations eg., Oracle Applications, SAP eg., HR, Payroll, Financials
  • Custom built applications
  • Reporting and forecasting tools

Performance Tools Specialization

  • Oracle Load Testing
  • Performance Studio
  • Silk Performer
  • HP Load Runner
  • Jmeter

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