Our Candidates

We have a large database of IT candidates from various IT dimensions covering, Business Analyst, Developers, Testers, DevOps Engineers, Architects. We work very closely with our candidates to ensure they are fully equipped to secure their perfect job.

We take time to understand their motivations and career preferences and goals. We pride ourselves on giving as much feedback and information to our candidates as possible including interview preparation, sample resumes, dress code information and constant feedback, regardless of outcome, to also help improve future applications.

Our career management programs place Acolade candidates at the cutting edge of industry trends and changing job requirements, boosting their confidence for a prospective interview. We consider candidates are a representation of Acolade and, as such, we do everything in our power to make sure each individual is fully prepared, confident and a suitable fit for a position.

We aim for each of our candidate to be successful in reaching their long term career objectives and personal development. Thus, we dedicate time and energy into career planning to ensure every candidate has the best possible tools at their disposal to reach their ultimate career goals.


DevOps Developer
Oracle Functional Consultant
Test Analyst

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