Use ‘ConnectSense ’ AR/VR platform to deliver value

Get an integrated, secure and comprehensive architecture that can be used across industries with Acolade’s ConnectSense. ConnectSense provides everything needed to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices. Connect with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud, and transform existing business processes and enhance customer experience.

Acolade AR/VR Services

  • Acquire
    ConnectSense is designed for sophisticated real-time embedded control and data acquisition applications that require high performance and reliability
  • Integrate
    Connect Sense framework can seamlessly integrate with any IT system
  • Analyze and Manage
    The solution offers intelligent analytics and reporting capabilities with different levels of data management
  • Sense
    ConnectSense can sense and respond with millions of device endpoints in real-time. It can integrate a large number of sensors, actuators, and transducers for specific and custom made measurements and analysis.
  • Connect
    Input and output interfaces of Connect Sense include built-in analog I/O and digital I/O for controlling and managing smart devices. It supports most of the communication interfaces such as USB, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet.

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