Acolade Consulting offers an Executive Search service

When a company is looking to fill senior/executive or hard to fill roles, or positions where there is a high degree of sensitivity, then Executive Search is the appropriate option. Executive Search is a structured process that entails working in close consultation with our clients to clearly map out the role and discuss potential areas in the market to target.

We work with our experienced research team in order to identify and proactively target the best candidates for the role including those who would align well in terms of culture fit etc. We not only provide the profiles of potential candidates but also share insightful information about the market and our client’s competitors that we uncover as part of the research process.

Executive Search provides the ability to choose among candidates that would not be available through internal or passive sourcing methodologies and provides our clients with the opportunity of recruiting from competitors, without doing so directly themselves. Executive Search is a structured process that adheres to predefined deliverables, including a finite timeline. The singular benefit of search is that it will provide our clients with the absolute certainty of achieving a successful hiring outcome. Acolade Consulting has a demonstrable track record in running successful search assignments.

Position types where Acolade has run Executive Search include

  • CFO (Agribusiness)
  • COO (Education)
  • VP/Country Manager (Global IT Vendor)
  • ANZ HR Manager (HR Consultancy)
  • IT Director (Not For Profit)
  • Director of Business Advisory (Consultancy)
  • State Manager (Telecommunications Service Provider)
  • State Manager (Global IT Vendor)
  • ANZ Head of Presales (Global IT Vendor)
  • Marketing Director (Global Investment Bank)

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