We are the one among the earliest adopters of Blockchain Technology, wherein we were convinced by the concepts and believed in the revolution that it would bring along with it. With the various applications with blockchain technology, Acolade has helped businesses with much-needed Disintermediation and trustless exchange, an empowered generation of users, quality of data, durability, reliability, longevity, a process oriented operation, transparency and immutability, a simplified ecosystem for operation and a faster transaction at a lower cost.

Our blockchain team has been able to work with a set of very divergent domains, ranging from Healthcare to Insurance to Retail to Fintech to much more.

We have proved our proficiency across most of the cryptocurrencies and have been active contributors to the community. We have our hands on almost all of the latest advancements in this domain and are well aware of the tools and frameworks available in this area, and our experience brings us the expertise to choose the right combination tools for our client problems.Our applications have made reach over Northern America, Switzerland and India and interests arising from various parts of the world.

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