Acolade believes in bringing predictability, repeatability, agility and thereby driving software development quality to a much higher plateau. To successfully realize this, Acolade are evangelists of test automation. Test automation is a strategic direction made by many organizations today, where the application quality is of high importance and where the application undergoes constant changes. To ensure their testing processes are consistent, repeatable and cost effective without any compromise to quality, test automation is a necessity. Test automation significantly reduces the testing cycle times while enhancing the quality of testing. This key activity complements the overall testing regime by enabling testing professionals to focus on deeper aspects of testing

Acolade’s test automation service offerings include test tool identification, automation strategy, automation framework design & development, automation script development. All these activities are key in ensuring the client realizes return on investment as soon as possible.

Tool Selection Process

Acolade experienced consultants assist its clients in assessing test tools that ‘best fits’ the clients needs. Many factors are carefully considered before a recommendation is made. Factors include the suitability of tool to perform within the client’s current and future IT landscape, one off and on-going cost on maintenance, support from vendor, popularity of the tool to ensure adequate resource availablity. Detailed analysis and reports are presented to senior management to help with the final tool selection.

Test Automation Framework

Various automation techniques exists to derive the desired testing objective. When a technique is developed there are many pointers to be considered in terms of effectiveness and robustness of the approach. If the approach involves significant manual intervention and maintenance in the long run, then the long term objectives are not addressed even though in the short term it may be feasible.

Acolade has extended industry best practice automation approach by developing exclusive automation framework to support various industry domains with the help of domain experts. Acolade consultants have architected design frameworks that will require minimum script/code maintenance requiring highly technical staff. The framework that we use are…

    • Cucumber
    • Data Driven
    • Key work driven
    • Behavior Driven Testing

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is the setup of processes to execute automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate and faster feedback on the business risks and defects associated with a software release candidate. UI test automation is not Continuous testing. Continuous Testing is a larger umbrella that covers multiple types of testing in a continuous delivery pipeline.

Continuous testing includes the validation and verification of both functional requirements and non-functional requirements. For testing functional requirements, Continuous Testing often involves unit tests, API testing, integration testing and system testing. For testing non-functional requirements it includes practices such as static code analysis, security testing, performance testing and compliance testing, etc. Tests should be designed and developed to provide the earliest possible detection (or prevention) of the risks and issues that are most critical for the business or organization that is releasing the software.

Script Planning and Development

A detailed analysis is done of the current manual test artifact to understand the level of testing done within the organization. Test automation is heavily reliant on test data, navigation steps and stability of the application under test, therefore, detailed understanding of the business domain, test scripts and test environment is a mandate. Acolade consultants work with client side business experts and testing professionals to get a complete understanding. A detailed automation strategy and plan is presented to the management team for review and approval.

With our years of experience in various business domains coupled with the experience in developing automation scripts, we are uniquely placed in generating test scripts rapidly. We have a library of automated scripts developed for various custom built ERP packages that can be extended to incorporate client application extensions. Most of these scripts are custom built functions to perform specific business tasks as opposed to lengthy code to perform an end to end business process. These modular business tasks are then called within master driver scripts, which address end to end business processes and thereby comprehensively test the business requirement. Scripts are properly documented and can be easily maintained to extend the capability for future proofing the script.

Script Execution and Reporting

Script execution is performed when the application under test is stable. The scripts are arranged in a sequential order which mimics business processes. Acolade can run the scripts, analyse results and report issues as required, or the task is handed over to the client representative to perform. Comprehensive reports are generated that covers test script pass / fail status either in an HTML, pdf or doc formats.

Overall Test Objective Matrix (TOM) is produced which gives the current testing status interms of number of tests done, tests passed, tests failed and tests not run. All this is reported against the signed-off business requirement and gives the complete view of requirements vs test artifacts matrix.

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