Over the years, Acolade has worked with a number of packaged applications (on-premise and Cloud) and our test repository has a number of re-suable artefacts. These artefacts are within HR, Payroll, Financials (AR, AP, GL, FA etc), SCM, CRM from various commercial vendors covering Oracle, SAP, Workday, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Salesforce etc.

Recommended Test Tool For Various Applications

Pre-Built Test Bank

Automated Integration Testing

The various types of testing that Acolade can support with this are the following

  • o Functional testing of new modules as per the specific requirements of Customer A and Customer B
  • o Shared multi-tenant environments and testing to simulate the behavior of different users
  • o Detailed Security testing based covering SQL injections, HTTP header injection, cookie setting
  • o Indepth functional integration testing of on/off premise applications
  • o Indepth data integration testing between on/off premise applications
  • o Data migration testing where data is off premise
  • o Performance / volume testing including mobile users
  • o Management of on-going new releases and live updates on the cloud
  • o Rigorous regression testing to ensure rapid vendor application changes work with customer configurations.
  • o Test on cloud based staging environment to replicate an environment close to production

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