Acolade has the following capabilities in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing

BI Publisher

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher (formerly XML Publisher) is an enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all your highly formatted documents, such as operational reports, electronic funds transfer documents, government PDF forms, shipping labels, checks, sales and marketing letters, and much more. Built on open standards, BI Publisher also allows IT Staff and developers to create data models against practically any data source and build custom reporting applications that leverage existing infrastructure. BI Publisher can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems. Reports can be designed using familiar desktop products and viewed online or scheduled for delivery to a wide range of destinations.


  • Reduce complexity and lower costs—Eliminate costly point solutions and simplify your reporting architecture with a single reporting environment for all your documents
  • Uses data from anywhere—Create reports from virtually any data source that provides a JDBC connection, including web services, HTTP XML feeds, file data source, and more
  • Uses the tools you know—Use familiar desktop products or developer tools to create and maintain report layouts.
  • Hot-Pluggable—BI Publisher integrates with your IT Infrastructure by supporting a wide range of security models and integrating with custom applications via Web services or Java APIs
  • Pre-integrated with Oracle—Works seamlessly with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards Enterprise One, and Hyperion.

Acolade BI publisher consultants have been working in these tools from inception in Ebusiness suite and have completed many successful projects in custom applications and Ebusiness Suite. We deliver customized reporting solutions on BI Publisher platform in a web based environment on standalone BI server or integrate to Oracle E-Business Suite Applications. We help converting Oracle E-Business Suite reports to BI Publisher templates with enormous flexibility.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that delivers a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities. Designed for scalability, reliability, and performance, Oracle Business delivers contextual, relevant and actionable insight to everyone in an organization, resulting in improved decision-making, better-informed actions, and more efficient business processes. Oracle also provides the industry’s only multi-sourced BI applications, as well as market-leading performance management applications that are powered by this BI platform.

Acolade can offer various services within Oracle Business Intelligence to its clients. Please call Acolade sales to get full information.


Oracle Essbase is the industry-leading multi-dimensional Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server, providing a rich environment for effectively developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications. By leveraging its self-managed, rapid application development capabilities, business users can quickly model complex business scenarios. For example, line-of-business personnel can simply and rapidly develop and manage analytic applications that can forecast likely business performance levels and deliver "what-if" analyses for varying conditions. Oracle Essbase supports extremely fast query response times for vast numbers of users, large data sets, and complex business models.

Acolade can offer various services within Oracle Essbase to its clients. Please call Acolade sales to get full information.

BI and Data Warehousing

BI and Data Warehousing provides the foundation for Business Intelligence by providing the appropriate data in an accessible and understandable form. The two most important activities in the development of a Data Warehouse framework are the design of a sound data model and development of effective Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes.

The data model translates business concepts into a logical format that is efficient and maintainable. Acolade consultants are formally trained in dimensional modeling and our approach includes milestone reviews where solutions are critiqued by fellow team members.

Acolade Team BI and Data Warehousing Product Specialization Include

  • BI and Data Warehousing
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Data Warehouse implementation
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mart development
  • Reports Development
  • Health Checks Acolade Oracle Tools Development Consulting Team

  • Methodology
    • Work Plan, Key Entities and EDW Data Model b) Discovery
    • Reports, Data Elements, Data Mart Data Model and EDW Data Model c) Architecture
    • Physical Model, Field Level Mapping, Programs d) Construction
    • ETL Programs and Data e) Testing
    • System Testing , UAT f) Implementation
    • Production Data warehouse

Why Acolade

Acolade BI and Data warehouse Consultants have more than two decades experience in the relevant areas. Acolade utilizes a proven, repeatable methodology that ensures the consistent, high-quality delivery of engagements. We place a high priority on project delivery and process. Acolade has been quite successful in data warehouse and BI implementations in various clients. Acolade leverages the full strength of Oracle Business Intelligence tools features and generate compelling Dashboards, Scoreboards and interactive reports. Acolade’s strength in Ebusiness suite helps to develop new reports using BI publisher with ease and enormous flexibility. Acolade has a repository of reports in various Ebusiness suite applications which helps to quick turnaround in creation of new reports

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