Acolade Mobile Application Testing Services offers end-to-end mobile application testing services in all major technology platforms/ cross platform technologies.

Why Mobile Application Testing ?

QA and Testing services address the challenges of mobile application testing.
  • Testing ensures that application features Optimum Performance on all desired mobile devices.
  • Testing ensures application performance on various network and bandwidth.
  • Testing ensures the stability of the application on desired mobile devices and networks.
  • Testing reduces the time to market of the application and cost with highest quality applications.
  • Testing across the rapidly growing testing matrix for mobile applications ensures the highest levels of quality and user experience.
  • Automation streamlines test case creation, resulting in better reduced manual efforts and costs.
Features to be considered during Mobile Application Testing
  • Operations with memory, control of memory leaks
  • he intensity of power consumption, sensitivity to the charge
  • The use of disk space, stability in the limited space on the drive, logging, work with memory cards
  • Support for various screen resolutions, portrait and landscape modes
  • Internet connection using an optimum connection: Active sync, USB, GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE, Wi-Fi; work under conditions of unstable connections
  • Stability of the application for incoming/outgoing calls, sending and receiving SMS/MMS
  • Standards compliance
  • Correct installation/uninstallation of programs in the Device/Storage card memory
  • Correct Localization

Mobile Application Testing Solutions

Our Approach

Mobile Testing Tools

  • Appium
  • Robotium
  • Monkey Talk

Why Acolade?

  • Intense experience in Testing mobile/web solutions, frameworks and applications across a wide technology landscape
  • Highly experienced and specialized mobile application Testing team with experience in all major mobile technologies and cross platform technologies
  • Mobile testing centre of excellence with adequate test infrastructure covering simulators, hand helds and test tools
  • Identify & address defects early in the life cycle
  • We address the critical challenges of today's business community with innovation and initiative.

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