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We are different; Acolade is a truly unique consultancy in that we are a premium consulting group that sits between a professional services group and a traditional recruitment agency. We believe in providing the highest quality service but are flexible with our pricing approach.


Our uniqueness means you will benefit from receiving contractors of the highest quality, yet our fee structure will be much more fairly based. In addition, unlike many other agencies, Acolade will take strong ownership of our contractors to ensure their results are of the highest standards. We set high expectations for ourselves and take a high onus of responsibility for successful results. Our bank of resources is extensive and, as a result, we will minimise sourcing on the open market. We source candidates through our virtual bench, strong networking and from high recommendations – meaning that all of our contractors/consultants will have a proven track record in their industry and be highly recommended and sought after by their peers. Why we are different for clients? Because we focus on really understanding client requirements.

Too many contracting and professional services organisations focus on their own capabilities, trying to retrofit their strengths to their client’s requirements. This often results in prescriptive, inflexible solutions or downright project failure. Our approach is the complete opposite. We take the time to really understand the client’s environment, challenges, objectives, plans and associated constraints and ensure that we position all this knowledge in the client’s business and competitive environment. We also focus on strategic project skills. Our experience across a broad range of industries and countless clients has shown us that a relatively small number of project skills can have a direct, tangible impact on the success or failure of a project. Such skills include project management, solution design, business analysis and test management. These skills need to be selected with care and the professionals chosen to fulfil those roles need to be assessed on their credentials as well as factors such as emotional intelligence, business analysis and suitability. Acolade’s experience, network of the ‘best-in-market’ and ability to assess the ‘soft’ aspects of the professionals ensures the highest standard of professional service and contracting. For the highest quality professionals and project teams to complete your next project please contact one of our experienced consultants.


At Acolade we believe in forming an ongoing, long-term partnership with our contractors and are dedicated to understanding their needs and wants for each and every project. By becoming part of our ‘best-in-market’ pool of resources, contractors are guaranteed an individual account manager focused on securing a constant stream of assignments. We have close relationships with the largest and most successful IT, banking, finance and wealth management companies across Australia and, as such, are constantly recruiting for high-end projects.

We also work closely with contractors during their projects to ensure they have all the necessary information, contacts and skills to complete the project successfully and on-time. Want to work with a consulting group dedicated to sourcing your next assignment? Contact one of our dedicated professionals for a discussion about your future.

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