We are always fascinated by the thought of a machine which has the capabilities and understanding as only something which human was gifted with. Today we realize that dream and fulfill the same vision for everyone out there. We believe in a notion where it is AI and humans rather than AI vs Humans. We believe that AI and only would be our ultimate answer to all the problems which humans face and the anticipating the problems that are yet to be unveiled, be it Climate change, food scarcity, Internet security,deadly diseases anything and everything

We are one of the country's leading AI team, wherein the team consists of members who experience working with various AI organizations and who help build various AI-based products which are used on a day to day basis, and at the same time propagating AI to the next generation of the developers and researchers. Our team is an active contributor to the AI community and have made some remarkable presence in the same, along with some note achievements across online platforms solving some huge problems.

Our solution has touched people from various verticals and we have been actively working with some B2B and B2C solutions. We keep ourselves updates about various AI updates, tools and frameworks. Our teams have been able to leverage the expertise from working with Enterprise grade software developments and thus giving us end to end knowledge regarding deployments, continuous learning, infrastructure optimizations and complexities that need to be taken care of when it needs to address an end user and building models that are scalable continuous learning pipeline. We help the clients with taking the decision that is driven by the data pertaining to the client's organization, which could perfect itself continuously on a continuous basis, this gives the client’s organization to harness the capabilities of thousands of mechanical brains running day and night to give you higher power over your competitors. The AI platform we build is of varying classes that include statistical learning, optimization algorithms, CNNs, RNNs, Boltzmann machines, GAN networks etc.

We have been able to add values to the client in various part of the world and the major ones are from Northern America, UK, Switzerland, Middle East, Germany, HongKong, Singapore, Indonesia, India and so goes the list.

The domains under AI which we work include

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding
  • Time-series/Forecasting

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