Testing Services

For the Present and Future of Your Business Success

Businesses need to equip themselves with the tools to predict the future with some degree of certainty in order to succeed.

 API Testing

Acolade’s ASSURE allows any tester to rapidly create API tests

Acolade’s ASSURE allows any tester to rapidly create API tests from a business-readable interface and then integrate them into end-to-end test scenarios.

No scripting is required. API tests can be implemented and executed earlier in each sprint than UI tests.

API tests are much faster to execute and are thus more suitable for checking whether each new build impacts the existing user experience.

Functional Testing

We perform Functional Testing to determine systems complete their expected functions

We perform Functional Testing to determine how your hardware and software, your website and internal applications complete their expected functions.

Functional Testing is important in ensuring quality of software being released. The testing process involves testing user commands, user screens, searches, data manipulation, business processes and integrations.

We can verify an application’s or a website’s expected functional performance and how it conforms to specifications by validating it with Functional Testing

Test Automation and Continuous Testing

Acolade believes in bringing predictability, repeatability & agility

Acolade believes in bringing predictability, repeatability, agility and thereby driving software development quality to a much higher plateau. To successfully realize this, Acolade are evangelists of test automation.

Test automation is a strategic direction made by many organizations today, where the application quality is of high importance and where the application undergoes constant changes.

To ensure their testing processes are consistent, repeatable and cost effective without any compromise to quality, test automation is a necessity. Test automation significantly reduces the testing cycle times while enhancing the quality of testing. This key activity complements the overall testing regime by enabling testing professionals to focus on deeper aspects of testing