BI & Analytics

For the Present and Future of Your Business

Today, it is no longer enough to have just business intelligence capabilities in order to succeed. 

Business Intelligence

We use BI to help you make informed decisions that align with your business needs.

Businesses need to equip themselves with the tools to predict the future with some degree of certainty in order to succeed. Marlabs supports you throughout the information management lifecycle with expertise in a range of tools and technologies, to help you make informed decisions that align with your business needs.

At the core of it, we provide actionable insights that goes beyond getting operational challenges out of the way. Our range of services includes Analyzing and Reporting, BI Architecture Design Solutions, BI Dashboards and Interactive Visualization. We align BI to your business objectives to manage BI resources responsibly. We also focus on measuring performance and defining road maps for success through proven BI activities including: 

  • Increasing automation of information delivery
  • Decreasing cost of information and data collection
  • Managing and mitigating risks (security , compliance and reliability)
  • Increasing adoption
  • Creating BICC

Service Offering

We Align BI to your business objectives to manage BI resources responsibly

We focus on measuring performance and defining road maps for success through proven BI activities including:


Marlabs helps enterprises achieve a ‘Single Version of Truth’ to enhance business processes by incorporating information strategy, data architecture and governance. We provide consultation in: Data Assessment, Technology & Platform Evaluation, Roadmap Definition Performance Optimization, Data Governance and Big Data Consulting.

We also offer services in: Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Modeling, Data Quality, MDM, Data Warehousing, ETL Support & Maintenance and Big Data Deployment & Implementation.


We monitor, diagnose and improve business performance with the right data and KPIs and enable data-driven decision making. We provide consultation in: KPI Definition, Domain Consulting, Analysis & Benchmarking, What-if Modeling, Root Cause Analysis and Technology Consulting.

We also offer services in: Data Modeling, Reporting, KPI definitions, Score Cards, Planning & Forecasting Self Service BI, Big Data Visualization, Real time Visualization and Infographics.

Our Accelerators and IPs include narratives for Tableau, PowerBI, and QlikSense.


We predict business and market scenarios using algorithms and consulting methodologies to proactively address issues and opportunities. Some of our services include: Customer Analytics, Strategic Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, IOT Analytics, Operational Analytics and Web & Social Media Analytics.

We also offer consultation in: Analytics Consulting, Analytics Strategy & Roadmap, CXO Insights, Insights as a Service, Domain Consulting, and Analytics Training with Accelerators like mACE – Analytics for Customer Experience.


We apply deep learning to extract insights from text, image and automate business processes to enhance productivity and achieve scale.

Our niche is in: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Computer Vision and Speech Analytics.

We also offer services in the area of: Automated Machine Reasoning, Chatbots & Virtual Assistants, Social Sentiment Analytics, Pricing Intelligence, Inventory Tracking and Knowledge Management. We leverage mAdvisor – an automated machine reasoning platform for large scale data discovery and prediction


What’s your strategy to retain your customers or increase brand loyalty?How can you acquire new customers?Is your business reactive or responsive?

Get your data to reveal the answers. From capital markets to banking, retail to CPG, Marlabs has used its finely honed predictive data modeling techniques to arrive at answers that have helped businesses make better decisions.


Data can be voluminous, variegated or come from disparate sources with great velocity. Maximize your BI value, with the right structure, models and capture of Big Data.

Handle Big Data velocity, variety and variability with automation tools and technologies for optimal outcomes.