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Acloade has always been the forefront runners for providing testing services in areas that it has vast business domain expertise. Intense knowledge of the business is critical in delivering high quality outcomes in terms of a zero defect policy. This approach has proven to have multi fold benefits to its clients which includes early defect detection, highlighting design flaws, prioritising defects based on business priority, to name a few.

Towards this, Acolade has been early adopters and evangelists in setting up exclusive Testing Centre of Excellence(Exel®). Exel® has enabled Acolade to develop testing frameworks and expand its capabilities in offering proof of concepts to customers while increasing competence in various platforms.

Following are the platforms that Exel® has capability in providing exceptional testing service

  • Oracle Applications – HR and Payroll, Financials
  • SAP Business Intelligence – Integrated Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Analytics System
  • Banking - Credit Card, Core Banking, Retail Banking, Payment Systems, Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Exel® has the infrastructure capability and subject matter expertise to impart training to test professionals on any of the above platforms to rapidly ramp up testing teams.

Value Accelerators

Acolade is a testing specialist in HR, Banking and financial software with over 15 person years experience providing services for its global clients in USA, India and Asia-Pacific.

Through our rich domain expertise, structured testing processes, on-shore, offshore and near shore engagement models we help clients to Go Live and Stay Live thereby releasing software applications with greater confidence.

To enable our clients in assessing the benefits of working with us, Acolade has developed its own testing methodology called the Way® .Way® enables clients to achieve its quality goals within given time, resources and budget. The methodology has been proven in various client sites and is very flexible in adapting to clients existing processes and compliments other industry standard methodologies. We have designed a set of key metrics enabling clients in measuring the value we bring to the testing regime. These metrics are called Value Accelerators. They are:

  • Specification analysis
  • Domain expertise
  • Testing turnaround
  • Resource scalability
  • Cost effectiveness

Specification Analysis

Functional Specification Coverage: Functional specification is studied and analysed in detail right at the start of the project. The extensive evaluation of the specification will uncover design flaws earlier on in the development life cycle, thereby improving quality and achieving ‘minimum defect’ quality vision. Acolade will also be responsible in creating TOM (Test Objective Matrix) to ensure all functional requirements have one or multiple test artifact linked and no functional requirement is delivered to production without it being tested. This process will ensure the coverage of documented functionality and associated business rules are achieved with a rating of 100% test coverage.

Domain Expertise

The client can measure the domain value add, that Acolade and its consultants bring to a project. This is a critical effort done by evaluation and review process.

Testing Turnaround

Knowledge Management and Transfer: A two dimensional core competence (domain knowledge and testing) ensures that client representatives need to spend less time efforts in imparting knowledge to Acolade consultants. This is a critical time saver with no compromise to quality.

Test Planning: Detailed reviews, workshops and user groups are conducted to create a comprehensive test strategy and individual test plans. This is then presented to the project sponsors for their review and acceptance. This ensures there is sufficient business sponsor ‘buy in’ to the testing methodology. Test planning is done in parallel to the development phase and this ensures significant time saving (approx 10 - 15 % of overall time).

Test Automation: Significant time is saved in introducing test automation tools covering various test automation methodologies. This is achieved by executing repetitive test cases in multiple cycles thereby reducing time to do extensive regression tests which are otherwise heavily resource dependent.

Resource Scalability: Acolade has the capability to ramp up experience resources in a very short span of time. Acolade has a very strong recruitment team that specializes in testing and can find the right candidate in a short span of time.

Cost Effectiveness

Offshore Delivery Model: Offshore testing helps clients realize significant cost savings (45% cost saving from onsite to Offshore - Source: Deloitte Research financial services industry view point April, 2003). Based on the time zone significant time saving is achieved by having professional testing team in a different time zone of that of the development team where the testers can test after business hours (in the development time zone). This ensures functional defects are identified and raised when the developer gets back to work the next day.

Business Subject Matter Experts Time Saved: The longer the engagement, the more we can substitute for business users, thus helping the latter to focus on their core business operations. There are thus, significant cost benefits of re-deploying fully loaded costs of business users' time.

Savings on Early Defect Removal: Removing defects early in the product life cycle saves repair and product support costs.


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