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SAP ECC is an ERP Software which is arranged into distinct functional modules, covering the typical functions in place in an organization. The most widely used modules were Financial s and Controlling (FICO), Human Resources (HR), Materials Management (MM), Sales & Distribution (SD), and Production Planning (PP)[citation needed].

Each module handled specific business tasks on its own, but was linked to the others where applicable. For instance, an invoice from the billing transaction of Sales & Distribution would pass through to accounting, where it will appear in accounts receivable and cost of goods sold.

SAP typically focused on best practice methodologies for driving its software processes, but more recently expanded into vertical markets. In these situations, SAP produced specialized modules (referred to as IS or Industry Specific) geared towards a particular market segment, such as utilities or retail.

Acolade has over 15 years of experience implementing SAP R/3 as well as ECC. The business as well as domain knowledge with acolade helps in the proper and efficient implementation of the SAP system.

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