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AVision is an integrated Enterprise Resource planning application, developed to cater for the unique need of the small to medium sized IT consulting organizations.

AVision can support multiple entity groups, multiple companies (Entities)and multiple cost centers. Profit and Loss can be generated at entity group level, company level and cost center level.


AVision Project has the capability to support multiple projects with as many tasks. Project has the capability to produce profit and loss for each project. Activity Management is embedded within projects.

Services Provided

AVision Accounting module supports the following accounting functions.

  • Account Payables
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets (Planned to be released in 2011)


AVision Timesheet module support project, tasks and activities. Timesheet module is integrated with projects and payroll.

HR and Payroll

Current AVision HR and Payroll support only Australian localization.

System Administration

Security is a built for Entity Groups, Entities, Cost Centers and Employees. Users can be assigned to each of these security groups and data is protected for each of these security groups.

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