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Acolade Consulting Becomes Oracle's First Testing and Quality Applications Specialized Partner

Specialised Partner
Rajesh Krishnan, Practice Director, Acolade Consulting with Patricia Nance, GM Oracle Alliances and Channels at a recent partner recognizition event in Sydney.

Acolade Consulting becomes an Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management (OEM – AQM) Specialist! Acolade is the first partner company to receive this specialization in the Oracle Partner Network Program. This credential has given Acolade an opportunity to gain the differentiation and competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace.

The OEM - AQM specialization recognizes partner organizations that are proficient in providing Oracle’s Application Quality Management solutions that the customer can use to thoroughly test their packaged, Web - and service-oriented architecture based applications to ensure the quality, scalability, and availability of the applications and their underlying infrastructure.

The solutions consist of three distinct offerings.

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite – suite comprises of Oracle Test Manager for test management, Oracle Functional Testing for automation testing, and Oracle Load Testing for stress, volume and performance testing
  • Oracle Real Application Testing – testing Oracle databases when there is a infrastructure change or database upgrade.
    Watch our solutions video on Real Application Testing
  • Oracle Application Replay - testing applications by capture and replay (using Real User Experience Insight) when there is an infrastructure change at the application tier.
  • Oracle Data Masking Pack – maintains high level of data security by scrambling test data and yet maintaining end to end data integrity. Watch our solutions video on Data Masking
  • Test Data Management - for data sub setting, to enable large databases to be subset into smaller databases retaining referential integrity.

Together these solutions enable the customer to manage their entire quality assurance (QA) process, including defining test requirements, creating and executing automated and manual test cases, tracking defects, performing load tests and database tests.

Acolade Consulting is a premier IT Services company and Oracle Specialized Gold partner, head quartered in Sydney, Australia with a global presence. Acolade is focused on OEM – AQM Solutions and have developed test automation framework for testing Oracle Applications and Web applications. Acolade’s industry experience, broad technical knowledge and passion for excellence allow them to deliver high quality solutions to their customers. Obtaining the OEM - AQM specialization proves a high level of qualification of Acolade and its consultants along with project management experience in the corresponding product stack.

Acolade’s OEM AQM service offerings -

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

Acolade are an Oracle certified solution provider for the Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) range of products. Acolade has successfully implemented the OATS product in a number of organization’s testing practice to manage their end to end testing regime. Expand/Collapse Show More...

OATS is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications and Web Services. This integrated, full lifecycle solution enables you to define and manage your application testing process, validate application functionality, and ensure that your applications will perform under load. With Application Testing Suite, you can deploy your Web applications and Web Services in less time while maximizing the efficiency of your testing team.

Application Testing Suite is comprised of the following tightly integrated products:

  • Oracle Test Manager (OTM) for test process management, including test requirements management, test management, test execution and defect tracking.
  • Oracle Functional Testing (OFT) for automated functional and regression testing.
  • Oracle Load Testing (OLT) for scalability, performance and load testing.

Oracle Test Manager

Comprehensive Test Management with Oracle Test Manager.

Oracle Test Manager helps users manage the application testing process, ensuring full test coverage. It allows users to define testing requirements, specify and execute manual or automated tests to validate those requirements and then manage the defects that those tests uncover. Expand/Collapse Show More...

By coordinating the testing process in a single, unified platform, Oracle Test Manager provides a comprehensive way to manage quality as a process throughout the application development lifecycle. Oracle Test Manager is also tightly integrated with Oracle Functional Testing, maximizing the return on investment for your automated testing tools. It provides a framework for your test process and helps you deliver higher quality applications.

Oracle Test Manager offers a centralized Web-based console that provides three integrated modules.

  • The Requirements module allows testers to document and manage their test requirements before the testing process begins.
  • The Tests module enables testers to create detailed test plans, document automated and manual test cases, execute these test cases and store results.
  • The Issues module allows testers and developers to capture and share issues found during the testing process and then track their resolution.

Oracle Functional Testing

Oracle Functional Testing provides the easiest and fastest way to automate functional and regression testing for Web applications, Oracle packaged applications and Web services. Its OpenScript integrated scripting platform enables users to create automated test scripts that simulate complex business transactions. Expand/Collapse Show More...

This reduces the need for manual testing which is both time consuming and inefficient. With Oracle Functional Testing, users can automate their functional and regression testing and also create load and performance testing scripts that can be run in Oracle Load Testing. Oracle Functional Testing allows users to create an entire suite of test scripts that automate various business transactions and can be used for ongoing functional and regression testing of each new application release or upgrade.

Load and Performance Testing with Oracle Load Testing

Oracle Load Testing is the easiest way to validate the performance and scalability of your Web applications, Oracle packaged applications and Web services. It can simulate thousands of virtual users accessing the application simultaneously and measures the effect of the load on application performance, without requiring a substantial hardware investment. Expand/Collapse Show More...

The realistic usage scenarios that you can configure in Oracle Load Testing can handle even the most complex applications. By enabling virtual users to simulate many different end user parameters (including configurable browser types, connection speeds, and think times), testers can stress their Web application just like real users will to understand exactly how the application will scale under peak load conditions. Oracle Load Testing’s virtual users can generate multithreaded browser requests while performing rigorous functional validation under load conditions— validation that protocol-based, legacy client server testing tools cannot provide.

Web-Based Interface

Oracle Load Testing is deployed on the Oracle WebLogic Server and its intuitive Web-based interface allows you to configure your load test scenarios and provides graphs and reports that enable testers to analyze application performance during a load test.     Expand/Collapse Show More...

From any Web browser, users can easily configure load tests, set up server monitors, run tests, and view real-time and post-run results. Oracle Load Testing helps distributed teams reduce the time and complexity of live load tests by enabling collaborative testing, so distributed users can view and analyze results from the same running load test in their own browser. It promotes team interactions for more productive analysis, diagnostics, and tuning during the entire live test process.

Real Application Testing – Reduce the testing efforts by up to 80%

Acolade DBA services provide RAT services to our clients worldwide and help them to make changes with confidence and attain higher quality. Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT)—with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition—allows businesses to quickly adopt new technologies while eliminating the risks associated with change. Expand/Collapse Show More...

Oracle Real Application Testing combines a workload capture and replay feature with an SQL performance analyzer to help clients test changes against real-life workloads, and also helps clients fine-tune the changes before putting them into production. Oracle Real Application Testing supports older versions of Oracle Database, so customers running Oracle Database 9i and Oracle Database 10g can use it to accelerate their database upgrades.

Data Masking

Oracle Data Masking pack for Enterprise Manager, part of Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions, helps organizations comply with data privacy and protection mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as numerous laws that restrict the use of actual customer data. Expand/Collapse Show More...

With Oracle Data Masking, sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers can be replaced with realistic values, allowing production data to be safely used for development, testing, or sharing with out-source or off-shore partners for other non-production purposes.

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