Manual Testing

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Manual Testing

A key step in the process of software engineering is comprehensive testing of  the software application for correct behavior prior to release to end users.

For small scale engineering efforts (including prototypes), exploratory testing may suffice. With this informal approach, the tester does not follow any rigorous testing procedure, but rather explores the user interface of the application using as many of its features as possible, using information gained in prior tests to intuitively derive additional tests. The success of exploratory manual testing relies heavily on the domain expertise of the tester, because a lack of knowledge will lead to incompleteness in testing. One of the key advantages of an informal approach is to gain an intuitive insight to how it feels to use the application.

Large scale projects that rely on manual software testing follow a more rigorous methodology in order to maximize the number of defects that can be found. Acolade follows a systematic approach by focusing on developing predetermined test cases and appropriate test data.

Acolade has numerous man year experience and capability in providing the following types of testing to its clients.

Integration Testing

This stage is carried out in two modes viz. as a complete package or as an increment to the earlier package. Most of the time Black box testing technique is used. However, sometimes a combination of Black and White box testing is also used in this stage.

System Testing

In this stage the software is tested from all possible dimensions for all intended purposes and platforms. In this stage Black box testing technique is normally used.

User Acceptance Testing

This testing stage carried out in order to obtain customer sign-off of finished product. A 'pass' in this stage also ensures that the customer has accepted that the software is ready for their use.

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