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Why Acolade

Acolade believes that rendering high quality service to its clients is synonymous to ‘money in the bank’. The harder we drive ourselves to deliver the highest quality work to our clients, the more successful our client become and with them we become successful too. To continue to give quality service, Acolade engages the best of best consultants, uses the best of breed tools and adheres to stringent processes. Acolade has enjoyed repeat business from most of its clients and also client referrals and this talks volumes of our service quality.

Acolade is uniquely placed in that we have sound business domain expertise coupled with strong testing focus and this significantly reduces the learning curve. Most competitors struggle to understand the clients business and this impacts on the quality of their delivery, often having to re-work or even scrap and start from scratch. Acolade addresses this very efficiently and effectively by engaging Business Domain Architects (BDA) who understand the lingo from a business and IT perspective. These BDA's move on to be the principal consultants for the entire project by advocating stringent methodology and perform quality checks to ensure conformance.

Your applications play a pivotal role in delivering products and services at lightning pace in today's competitive and dynamic world. End-to-end system reliability & integration has become ever so important. But as software development becomes more complex, even small production defects can play havoc on quality and costs. As you implement new or modernized applications to meet market imperatives, you need to mitigate software failures and defects that can disrupt the availability of your business and customers demand.

All of these factors place a high demand on application testing to prevent disruptions. Maintaining successful, efficient operations begins with rigorous and thorough testing of your business systems and applications – from the network to the software and services – for function, performance, security and quality. Disciplined, independent software testing helps you achieve greater business value from your technology investments.

Acolade’s Quality Assurance Practice delivers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services that minimizes application failures and helps you achieve business results that can be measured. We work with our clients with a collaborative approach right from test planning through to execution followed by deployment. Using professional testing consultants and mature processes, we strive to achieve the required quality for our clients’ application. Our certified test consultants are most sought after due to their domain expertise and thorough testing knowledge. We believe, by engaging test practitioners with the right attitude, adhering to the best processes, armed with precise tools will deliver optimum value to our clients.

This value added service covers various types of testing viz system testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing. Acolade’s testing approach is governed by industry standard testing methodologies and best practices with a pragmatic approach based on the clients existing testing practices. We understand each client’s unique needs and recommend solutions that ‘best fits’ their requirement. We go with an ‘open mind’ approach not biased by any factors influencing any decision but follow the fundamental principle of understanding the requirements and ensuring business requirements are adequately met.

Partnering with Acolade assures you to

  • Go live and stay live with confidence
  • Identify & address defects early in the life cycle
  • Improve software quality
  • Accelerate the project delivery pace

Our Testing Expertise covers

  • Requirements analysis & risk profiling
  • Implementing a test strategy
  • Test scope qualification
  • Oracle 10g database
  • Popular defect management product
  • Test case design
  • Test automation frame work
  • Test execution
  • Defect tracking and management
  • Reporting
  • Test metrics
  • Test stability analysis coverage

Industry Expertise

  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Banking & finance
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Gaming software
  • Health

Technical Environment Expertise

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Mainframe
  • .NET
  • J2EE


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