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HP Mercury Testing Tools

HR Mercury Business Technology Optimization (BTO) Tool Set

Today, applications are the lifeblood of your business. And application failures put your business outcomes at risk.

HP Quality Assurance software allows you to launch applications confidently by catching and correcting defects earlier in the application lifecycle. In addition, HP Quality Assurance software helps simplify the application lifecycle with a powerful set of features, including:

  • project planning & tracking
  • requirements management
  • test management
  • defect management
  • business process testing capabilities

With HP Quality Assurance solutions you can easily control and manage the delivery applications across the entire application lifecycle.

Quality Center

HP Quality Center software (formerly HP TestDirector for Quality Center software) drives a more effective and efficient global application testing process and supports high levels of communication and collaboration among geographically distributed testing teams. HP Quality Center has several modules—requirements management, release and cycle management, test plan, test lab, defects management, and dashboard reporting—that are seamlessly integrated to allow for the smooth flow of information across testing stages. HP Quality Center brings structure to your testing projects and stores information in a central repository. Because HP Quality Center is Web-based, all members can access critical project information—regardless of geographic and organizational boundaries.

Key benefits of HP Quality Center

By adding structure to every aspect of your testing process, HP Quality Center Enterprise benefits your organization:

  • Business analysts can define application requirements and testing objectives based on business priorities
  • QA managers can prioritize testing efforts based on business risk
  • Test and project leads can design test plans and develop test cases
  • Test automation engineers can store automation scripts and assets in the HP Quality Center repository
  • QA testers can run manual and automated tests, report results, and enter defects
  • Business analysts and QA testers can manage multiple versions of tests and test assets while maintaining data integrity
  • Developers can review and correct defects logged into the HP Quality Center database
  • Project managers can review quality metrics and decide whether an application is ready for release

Quick Test Professional (QTP)

With QTP you can automate functional and regression testing for every modern software application and environment, extend testing to a wider range of teams, and accelerate the testing process—so you can improve application quality and still make your market window.

HP Functional Testing makes it easy to insert, modify, data-drive, and remove test steps. It features:

  • Keyword capabilities: Using keywords, testers can build test cases by capturing flows directly from the application screens and applying robust record/replay capturing technology.
  • Automatic updating: With new application builds, you only need to update one reference in the shared repository and the update is propagated to all referencing tests.
  • Easy data-driving: You can quickly data-drive any object definition, method, checkpoint, and output value through the integrated data table.
  • Timely advice: In execution mode, a pop-up wizard provides guidance on how to change the test in real time, so the execution doesn’t fail where an application has changed.


HP LoadRunner software is the industry standard software for performance validation. Generate real life load. Identify and diagnose problems. Deploy with high quality and confidence.

HP LoadRunner helps you:

  • Test a broad range of applications including the latest Rich Internet Applications with Web 2.0 technologies, ERP/CRM applications, as well as applications with legacy technologies
  • Identify and reduce performance bottlenecks before deploying to avoid performance issues in production.
  • Obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live, and verify that new or upgraded applications meet specified performance requirements.

Key features and benefits

  • Supports performance testing of new technologies together with your existing, legacy applications
  • Decreases the risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements
  • Reduces hardware and software costs by accurately predicting application scalability and capacity
  • Helps you establish intelligent service level agreements before go-live
  • Shortens test cycles to accelerate delivery of high quality applications
  • Pinpoints end-user, system-level, and code-level bottlenecks rapidly and with ease
  • Reduces the cost of defects by testing earlier in the application lifecycle

HP LoadRunner Analysis

HP LoadRunner Analysis cross-results trending capabilities, showing a comparison of increased system scalability and optimized response time performance.

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