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Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) is a portfolio of next generation suite of software applications from Oracle Corporation. It is distributed across various product families; including financial management, human capital management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, governance, and project portfolio management.

Customers now have many choices when implementing Fusion Applications. Fusion applications have the capability of co-existing with your current ERP application landscape be it Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edward or others. The co-existence model allows customers to ‘try out’ the Fusion offerings by choosing to make use of only certain Fusion modules serviced from the cloud. In this usage model, the customer pays per usage (operational expenditure) and not have to worry about infrastructure that includes future upgrades, patches and roll outs. This moves away from the traditional long running implementation life cycles and significantly reduces cost. Once the customer is happy with the modules, they either can implement the modules on-premise co-exiting with exiting modules or decide to upgrade.

With more and more customers choosing to implement in this model, testing has become an even more key task to ensure seamless integration between applications (old and new), security, performance and related issues. Integration and data exchange between systems has to be tested and certified ensuring the correct data is being inbound / outbound ‘across the fence’. This also opens up security concerns that organizations may have as some data would be moved away from the organization into the cloud. Therefore security, access level, ethical hacking, SQL injections and related testing have to be done to address these concerns.

The fusion application family stack consists of a number of applications as per figure below. Customers are free to buy any of these modules and integrate with their existing applications. A host of deployment options exists with on-premise, SAAS model hosted on the cloud etc.

Application Testing Suite is comprised of the following tightly integrated products:

The below sample depicts a typical implementation of fusion modules on the cloud which is subscribed by multiple clients in a multi-tenanted scenario using various in-house applications. The modules in this example are the integration of existing EBS application with Fusion Talent Management module on the cloud.

The various types of testing that Acolade can support with this are the following

  • Functional testing of new modules as per the specific requirements of Customer A and Customer B
  • Shared multi-tenant environments and testing to simulate the behavior of different users
  • Detailed Security testing based covering SQL injections, HTTP header injection, cookie setting
  • Indepth functional integration testing of on/off premise applications
  • Indepth data integration testing between on/off premise applications
  • Data migration testing where data is off premise
  • Performance / volume testing including mobile users
  • Management of on-going new releases and live updates on the cloud
  • Rigorous regression testing to ensure rapid vendor application changes work with customer configurations.
  • Test on cloud based staging environment to replicate an environment close to production

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