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What is BPO?

BPO is the process of hiring another company to handle business activities for you.

In the early days, BPO usually consisted of outsourcing processes such as payroll. Then added was employee benefits management. Now it includes a number of functions that are considered very important to the primary business strategy.

BPO is also referred to as ITES - Information Technology-Enabled Services. Since most business processes include some form of automation, IT enables these services to be performed.

Good outsourcing management will surely produce the following benefits and improve your outsourcing business.

  • Better performance
  • Reduction in overall costs
  • Better control and co-ordination

Our area of expertise in various domains like HR, Technical Support added with good Infrastructure and high technical capability add more visibility to the business process.




  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Ability to handle high volume
  • Thorough study of process before implementation
  • Savings on labor costs

Our Transition Methodology:



Analyze, understand the processes; Develop prioritized migration roadmap.


Assemble project team, develop Work methods, launch transition project.


Develop detailed plans for staffing, recruitment, technology, infrastructure and monitoring/reporting, etc; Optimize plans for speed and continuity.


Execute plans – hire staff, install technology, build facilities, prepare training materials and train new hires,etc.


Move to operational in “nesting” mode, initiate process monitoring.

Steady State:

Track metrics to set the basis for continuous process improvement.


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