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Acolade has extensive experience in developing custom Oracle Applications. Acolade has successfully built many custom applications in the past decade. Earlier Acolade was using Oracle Developer tools. Now Acolade is specializing in developing applications using J2EE framework combined with SOA and Oracle BI publisher. Back end Database will be Oracle 11G (XE, Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition)


Database :- Oracle 11G (XE, Standard Edition , Enterprise Edition)
Application Server :- Web logic Server
Tools (GUI) Preferred :- JDeveloper (ADF)
Supported :- Oracle Forms


Preferred :- Oracle BI Publisher
Supported :- Oracle Reports/Discoverer

Application Development Methodology


To get to the right place at the right time, you need a road map. Our enterprise assessment provides clients with a comprehensive business analysis that aligns business goals with technology initiatives.

Implemented with its own unique methodology, an assessment identifies all the elements of technology, processes and business culture required to facilitate improved operational efficiencies, better business insight and more profitable customer relationships.

The goal of an assessment is to ensure solutions are built on a solid foundation and prescribe the steps necessary to achieve business objectives.

The assessment process involves collaborating with clients to:

Ascertain, clarify and build consensus around your business vision and what you are trying to achieve in the marketplace

Analyze and assess your competitive position, current technology base and high level business processes

Advise the solution that best fits the parameters of all factors to meet your objectives

Acolade produces a comprehensive road map that sets the stage for initiatives with specific project definitions and requirements. Together with the client, Acolade identifies the desired business and technology outcomes and benefits. We articulate findings and translate them into architectural terms. And delineate transitions required of people, processes and technologies.

The result of this process is a clearly articulated road map that documents a client's business vision and the steps required to turn that vision into reality with tangible business benefits. An Acolade assessment road map consists of the following elements:

  • Clearly defined objective statement
  • Desired outcomes
  • Benefits
  • Evidence
  • Identified financial, organizational and technical assumptions/constraints
  • Identification of client organization sponsors
  • Project management structure
  • Action plan for implementation phases addressing people, process and technology transitions


After the assessment is completed, analysis investigates the requirements in detail and schedules a meeting with the requestor to learn what data is kept, how it is processed, what information is produced, and how that information is used. After the facts are gathered the analyst evaluates the solutions, determines which planning methodology should be used, and accepts or rejects the request.

Outcomes of the analysis phase includes process ,current business model and clearly defined business requirements


After the analysis is completed, design comes up with the user interface, physical model and design of reports

Outcomes of the design phase includes Physical Model, Layout Design and Reports Design


The actual nuts and bolts work of creating the application.

Outcomes of the development phase includes database, user interface, reports and programs


A rigorous evaluation of the application under both hypothetical and real world conditions. Outcomes of the testing phases includes Test Cases, Test Execution and Requirement Test Matrix


The application's formal deployment and implementation. This phase can last for months, as testers put the application through its paces under a variety of conditions.


Creating written instructions on the software's use and maintenance. Depending on the software's complexity, this material may consist of a few pages or screens of information or multiple volumes of printed or online data.

    Why Acolade

    Acolade utilizes a proven, repeatable methodology that ensures the consistent, high-quality delivery of engagements. We place a high priority on project delivery and process.

    Based on Acolade' s guiding principles of phased delivery, team collaboration and ongoing knowledge transfer, our implementation methodology involves extensive and continuous client involvement in implementing Oracle solutions. The Acolade methodology commands hands-on training and in-depth team collaboration. Client team members work side-by-side with Acolade consultants throughout every phase of a project including business modeling, system-module functional review classes, joint application design, integration/conversion analysis and production cut-over.

    The Acolade methodology ensures clients understand the application and the solution it's based on so they are thoroughly prepared to manage it with minimal ongoing support or expense.

    Based on the scope of the solution, Acolade builds a cohesive, multi-disciplinary team for each project. This team remains intact and focused throughout the life of the engagement, eliminating lost time and project risk commonly associated with an "ad-hoc" team approach.

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