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AAward (December 2011 Release)

AAwards is Acolade’s prestigious award management system that automates employee pay. The system incorporates a core engine which is responsible for automatically computing employee wages by capturing the hours worked and interpreting complex formulas including employee allowances, shift loading, ordinary hours, overtime etc. Each claim type within the source timesheet is mapped to appropriate pay element based on award rules. Awards may include Federal, State or specific AWA’s or EBA’s. Award calculation can be attributed to the specific employee, duty performed or department worked in.

The key feature of the product is the flexibility in mapping source timesheet claims to target pay elements based on critical business rules. The application is capable to integrate with any source timesheet system and target payroll system. First release supports integration of oracle time and labor and oracle payroll.

Salient Features

  • Time of day
  • Multiple break time
  • Project and task variations

Key Benefits

  • Factors in public holidays, loadings, allowances, overtime, shift payments
  • Ensures compliance with award work rules, enterprise bargain agreements and labor laws
  • Reduces processing time
  • Eliminates potential human error from the payroll process
  • Ensures consistent award interpretation and adheres to payroll standards

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