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With in-house data centers and a top-notch global IT network, Acolade ensures that your valuable applications and data are housed in a protected environment. At the same time, advanced voice and data communications systems enable our global teams to seamlessly inter-operate and deliver high quality deliverables within schedule and budget.

Data Centers

Dedicated data centers in the Australia and India will provide you with predictable infrastructure that will reduce your total cost of ownership and enhance productivity, reliability, availability and scalability. With state-of-the-art technology systems and a robust, reliable and redundant connection to the Internet backbone, Acolade provides a perfect environment for hosting our clients mission-critical software applications.

  • Dedicated Internet Access and Dial-Up connectivity, providing for multiple redundancies
  • Firewall Protection for the entire network ensuring complete data, information, and site security
  • Latest Virus protection and intrusion detection software, safeguarding data and Workstations
  • Powerful LAN Backup and Business Continuity Procedures ensure quick and effective data recovery
  • UPS systems which ensure that no data loss occurs due to power failures
  • 24 hour security in the building
  • The Acolade Team - A skilled, tech-savvy development team that can make Your eSuccess a Reality
  • Access to State-Of-The-Art Support Facilities - Harness our 24-hour service model based on different time zones in different parts of the world! We ensure quality investments in offshore technology and various offshore methodologies to serve you better. Our specialization and expertise gives you a competitive advantage, avoiding the cost of chasing technology and training.

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